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Where did it all start?

The most significant and lovely event in our lives occurred around three and a half years ago when our wonderful daughter Erin Rose entered our family life.

As with all parents we only want to do the best for our little one and ensure we can protect, care and nurture her to the best of our abilities.

Erin is an absolute joy and can also be a little minx!! A typical growing child in other words. When she was making the transition from being totally supported as a tiny baby in a smaller bath to being bathed in the ‘big bath’ we discovered the difficulties associated with ‘bath juggling’.

This means looking after your baby, keeping them entertained, carrying out washing (always low on Erin’s agenda!!), grabbing sponges, towels etc. etc. all whilst making sure that they are safe in the water!!

After a couple of bumps and knocks on the sides of the bath – trying to hold onto that slippery madam and do four other things! – we decided that we needed to find something to help us out in the bath ( particularly for a nervous Dad!!).

The ‘Big Idea’

Amazingly we could not find any product anywhere that offers protection, fun and practicality whilst not fixing your child to one place and one position in the bath – not ideal for stimulation and practicality in our opinion.

Thus the idea for bump pads round the walls of the bath was born – our new business baby!

After over 2 years development, setting up the supply chain, exasperation and excitement we are finally able to offer you our Splash n Bump™ Bath Bumper Sets. We have tried to incorporate things that we as parents look for in a product – practicality, fun, education and safety. We sincerely hope that you think so too!!

Our Background

The boss of the company, Tracey, has over 15 years design and development experience.

Tracey’s right hand (old!) man is Chris who has over 20 years manufacturing experience with 12 of those being in the nursery/baby products market.


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